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Re: Best graphics card for X

On 23 Nov 1999, Cloudmaster replied to Tim Grossner:
>> So, uhhh is anyone gonna answer on the Video card question?
>> <sound of crickets in background>
> I'm reasonably pleaxed with my TNT card (Diamond Viper V550
> in this case),


> but am considering getting a TNT2 or Voodoo3 in its place -
> although I'm leaning toward the TNT2.  Or maybe I'll wait
> until the Voodoo 5 architecture is maxed with 32 processors
> and 2 GB of RAM on a board... :)

How many chipsets remain after the mergers that opened the
year--3Dfx buying STB, S3 buying Diamond?  I didn't much
keep up with the graphics market news...

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