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nt dialin to Linux w/ callback

I am trying to set up NT and Linux so that I can use a NT box
to dial into work on a Linux box.  I want things to be as
secure as possible, and since its a long distance number, I want
the Linux box to hang up, then call back.  I checked the HOWTO's
and set up the linux box, and to test to make sure everything
works, set up another linux box to call in.  Everything works

<Micro$oft_Ba$h>  Where is all the great support that is
supposed to come with NT?  There is nothing that I can find on
Microsofts site explaining how to set up PPP under NT, much less
the details on how to get the system to take a call back.  The
NT newsgroups aren't any better.  Anyone that says Microsoft is
better supported than Linux obviously has there head so far up
there butt, they can see the inside of there stomache.

If I change the Linux box so that it doesn't call back, I can
get the NT box to call in and make a ppp connection, but I
haven't figured out how to modify the NT scripts.  Best I can
tell instead of One (1) script to do the chat session, there
are Two (2), pre-dial, post-dial selectable by one of those
radio buttons, and then options for allowing callback, and 
allowing callback, but it asking if I should accept the call.
This is what is confusing me.

Under Linux, the Chatscript tells the modem to not drop the
session when the line hangs up, makes the call, logins
in, waits for the line to hang up and ring back, answers the
call, then starts ppp.

Under NT, do I need to tell the modem to not drop the session
when the phone hangs up, or is this what that callback buttons
are supposed to do?  When the call comes back in, does the post
dial session handle answering the call, or does NT handle that
under do to the callback button?

The easy answer would be to dump the NT box, but I am trying to
connect an X session over a phone line.  I've tried using LBX, but
the session was stil pathetically slow.  I tried using Graphons GoGlobal
package, which provides X connectivity to an NT box, and its X
display ran faster over the ppp connection than Hummingbirds X
server did over the ethernet.  I was rather impressed.  Unfortunately,
Graphon does not support the client end on the Linux side.  So
unless someone can knows of some other way to export an X display
using less bandwidth, I'm stuck with NT.


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