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Re: /usr/bin/mail

On Mon, 14 Feb 2000, C MENZES wrote:
> I can't find /usr/bin/mail on debian.

I don't think they have one.  My system doesn't have one anyway.

 I also can't find a package from
> debian's website. Is it stuck within a package by another name?
> I have sendmail installed, but when I attempt to send any mail, mailq
> shows that all mail is being deferred.

I think that all the mail programs are either named /usr/bin/sendmail, or
/usr/bin/sendmail is a symbolic link to the real mail program.  The
'standard' mail program in Debian is exim.  For a dialup connection it
works pretty good.  However, if you are using the 'frozen' version
of Debian, exim has a bug.  It won't work unless you have IPV6 support
included in the kernel.

Mark Blunier

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