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SITE student conference

Hey everyon,

The SITE club, from Springfield High School is hosting a student
conference on March 25th at the High School. They would like some members
of LUCI to present and even host a booth re: Linux (naturally). Below is a
little of the new developments at the event, and a little talk about what
the students are doing now. For you regulars, you'll remember SITE as
represented from COmputerfest, and as our student members of LUCI.

I'd like us to participate. I think it would be good for promoting Linux
use among the schools in the area. (several are attending and
participating across central Illinois, iirc.)

Would someone like to handle this? It will be difficult for me, due to
some travel to california, and some personal business.

- Kara

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The ISTC was a great success!  I attended all of the SITE presentations and
was very impressed with the level of enthusiasm and breadth of knowledge of
the students who presented.   Hopefully, more of you will be able to see
these presentations at our own conference, March 25th.

Last night I attended a meeting with AITP members  Chris Morrison, Ed
Gaffney and Martine Davis.  They are helping us secure judges, speakers and
businesses for our conference.  During the meeting it was decided that the
grand prize for each contest will be $100.00.  There have been several
offers by businesses to sponsor the contest winner at this level.  The
other new development is that we will have a door prize of a Palm Pilot.
There will be a bag of freebies at the door with stress reliever footballs
and computers, note pads pens and more.  The business sponsors we have
right now are: The Capitol Chapter of the AITP, LRS, NRG, McCleod U.S.A.
and Dynatech.  They are providing t-shirts, freebies and other prizes.

Be sure to tell all your friends about our conference on the 25th.  If they
want to sign up for a contest they'll need to get signed up soon.

We have spots for 13 in the C++ division;

13 in the PowerPoint for grades 6 though 8;

13 in the PowerPoint for grades 9 through 12;

20 for the off site Web Design contest;

13 in the on site Web Page troubleshooting contest.

They can sign up alone or in teams of up to three for all contests except
C++ which is an individual competition.

Some SITE club members on the SITE Tech 2000 planning committee have been
working hard to develop the contests and to plan this event.  I have been
staying at school until at least 4:00 p.m. every day to work on the
conference.  The planning of this is really a lot of fun. There is still a
lot to do if you want to get involved (or more involved).

On another note:

SITE/ SHS AITP members Aaron Root, Anthony Stauder and Josh Craven
presented at the last AITP meeting.  The topic was "HTML: Pros, Cons and
Trends".  These guys definitely know their stuff!  The talk was impressive.

The 7:00 speaker (at the AITP meeting) Glenn Miller, spoke on the topic of
Network Security.   Mr. Miller, an expert in the security field, told AITP
president, Chris Morrison,  afterwards that he was very impressed at the
kinds of questions SHS AITP students Aaron, Josh and Derek asked during and
after the presentation.

Hope you enjoy your 3 day weekend!

Ms. Dahl

Jenni Dahl
Springfield High School
101 S. Lewis St.
Springfield, Illinois 62704

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