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Re: FGI Connect Scripts

One addendum:

Don't use Bloomingtons local dialup number to try to log in.
I went round and round with The head of networking there concerning this issue.
I can use springfield and decaturs local access #'s with no problem but not
Bloomingtons. wasn't able to log into bloomingtons properly until i went
back to RH5.1

At 10:28 AM 2/25/00 -0600, you wrote:
>Okay, here's the files that I use to connect to FGI. I've
>noticed a number of really strange things in my interface
>configurations for ppp0, and it's my opinion that their
>dhcp configuration needs some tweaking. However, 
>these worked for me, so if you need them give 'em a
>1.) Login as root and Verify that your ppp package is 
>installed. Each distribution has it's own methods for 
>doing this so I'll refer you to your distro documentation 
>for instructions. Remain logged in as root while you're
>following these instructions.
>2.) modify the file /etc/resolv.conf by adding FGI's
>name server information. Here's what my resolv.conf
>looks like:
>3.) I don't use any GUI tools to dial up for me, so 
>this step consists of entering, or copying the following
>files to your /bin directory (you could really put these 
>anywhere, but just make sure that paths in the script
>point to the right areas - If you don't understand what
>that means then just copy these to /bin). Make sure
>to modify these by putting in the correct phone number
>for your area, modem speed, and username as well:
>/usr/sbin/pppd connect /bin/connect.sh \
>     /dev/ttyS1 <modem speed> \
>     crtscts modem defaultroute asyncmap 0 bsdcomp 15,15 \
>     lock name <username> noipdefault ipcp-accept-local \
>     ipcp-accept-remote noauth -detach debug 
>-----end ppp-up.sh-----
>/usr/sbin/chat -v -t 45 ABORT "NO CARRIER" ABORT BUSY \
>      CONNECT
>-----end connect.sh-----
>Make sure the execute bit is set on these files 
>(chmod u+x ppp-up.sh). If not you'll have to type
>sh ppp-up.sh to get it to run instead of just ppp-up.sh.
>4.) Add your user information to /etc/ppp/pap-secrets. The
>format of pap-secrets is:
><username> * <password>
>5.) Now to dial up just open a terminal window under X and
>and it should do it's thing. If it doesn't connect be sure to 
>check and make sure you have the right username, phone
>number, modem speed, and password in the above files.
>If it still doesn't connect after that try fooling around with
>the ppp-up.sh file and change/modify a couple of options
>(you'll probably want to start reading man pppd at this point).
>One last note, pppd must be run as root, so that means
>that these scripts must be run as root also. If you don't
>normally log in as root (and of course no one here does 
>that =), then you will have to su to the root account before
>you run ppp-up.sh
>Well that should cover it. Enjoy.
>Jason Burke
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