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Re: dev. kernel problems

On 28 Feb 2000, cloudmaster wrote:
> I'm running kernel 2.3.47, and have been for a few days.  It's cool
> that my USB CPIA camera seems to work OK (except for that
> problem with the computer crashing after getting 20-30 images
> or so), but I get this stuff in my warning log:
> Feb 28 20:45:51 pyro kernel: APIC error interrupt on CPU#0,
> should never happen. [...]
> And it just keeps going on, every few minutes I get another
> 4-5 lines in /var/log/warn.  It's getting kinda big... :)  Anyone
> know what could cause this to happen on my (SMP) ABIT
> BP6 motherboard?  I mean, it says right in the logs that it
> should never happen, right?

The SMP-HOWTO says that this "indicates a 'receive
checksum error'. This cannot be caused by Linux as the
APIC message checksumming part is completely in
hardware. It might be marginal hardware. As long as
you don't see any instability, they are not a problem -
APIC messages are retried until delivered."

Logging of these error messages dates back to 2.3.20

Might hafta look at the interrupt handling and 
write some baling wire and duct tape in C...

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