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Re: V3 through VMware

On 6 Mar 2000, cloudmaster wrote:
> So I wouldn't be completely crazy to go and buy a BTx48
> card then? :)  I think I'll roam out to Best Buy and spend
> more money than I need to right now.

I bought the Hauppauge WinTV Go card a few weeks ago,
less because I wanted video than ATPWCANT (under $50).

xawtv is no trouble.

Installed Broadcast2000 tonight <http://heroine.linuxbox.com>
but the accompanying libset.tar.gz whacked crucial libraries,
had to pluck those out and restore the originals.  Not certain
libset is needed anyway, as execution presently fails for
absence of libbcbase.so (?) which is not included in libset.

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