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Re: Removing Files and Subdirectories

On Fri, 1 Sep 2000, joe bonansinga wrote:

> This may be a simple question, but I am still a newbie. What is the correct 

Your question has already been answered, but in the future, try using the
man command, with the name of the utility you are trying to use as an

$ man rm

yields (truncated for brevity)

. . .
       Remove (unlink) the FILE(s).

       -d, --directory
              unlink  directory,  even  if  non-empty (super-user

       -f, --force
              ignore nonexistent files, never prompt

       -i, --interactive
              prompt before any removal

       -r, -R, --recursive
              remove the contents of directories recursively
. . .

man pages were a bitch for me when I was just starting with Unix, but
after you get past their cryptic syntax, they become an invaluable tool.

Jordan Bettis.
"Probably the best operating system in the world is the [operating system]
 made for the PDP-11 by Bell Laboratories." - Ted Nelson, October 1977

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