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On Mon, Sep 18, 2000 at 01:35:59PM -0500, shamrock@mtco.com wrote:
> >> Is there a good FAQ somewhere about VPN clients for Linux?
> >> Ok, where?

There are several places you can go:

 - The FreeS/WAN page (www.freeswan.org).  FreeS/WAN is a kernel-level
IPSec driver for Linux.

 - The VPN HOWTO at the Linux Documentation Project (www.linuxdoc.org,
mirror at luci.org/ldp) describes how to use PPP over ssh as a VPN.

 - The CIPE project (http://sites.inka.de/~W1011/devel/cipe.html)
seeks to provide a VPN solution with the ease of PPP-over-ssh, but
much better performance.

Obviously, the bottom two are a bit Linux-specific, or at least
UNIX-specific.  FreeS/WAN is known to interoperate with clients and
servers from quite a few different vendors, including Cisco,
CheckPoint, and Network Associates.
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