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Dinner Details

If anyone is interested in coming down for the dinner with Peter Salus,
the details are below. It is about a 1.5 hour drive from Springfield. A
dinner is being hosted with SILUG on 11/15, and Peter will be speaking at
the St Louis LUG on 11/16. If you're interested in more details, or
directions for either, please email me directly.


<Dinner Details...>

Okay, the dinner with Peter Salus is scheduled for Wednesday, 11/15 at
6:30pm. We have a room at the Emperor's Wok Mongolian BBQ and
International Cuisine in O'Fallon, IL. (Exit 14 on I-64, behind the huge
Wehrenberg Theatre).

If you haven't eaten there, they have everything from typical chinese
food, to sushi, mongolian grill, french, italian, and american
food. There's something for everyone. 

Currently, dinner will cost about $15 per person (including meal, drink,
tax, and tip). I am still trying to finalize some sponsorship funds to
cover part of, or the entire meal for LUG members. Your spouse, S.O. or
other friend is more than welcome, but if the LUG meals are sponsored, you
will still be responsible for your attendee's meal.

Please, if you haven't told me already you will attend, please do so, so
that I can justify the separate dinner room. Also, if you stated you would
attend, but plan to bring a guest, please let me know as well.

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