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I am STILL trying to sell my laptop, so if anyone is interested here are the
I am now asking $1100 or best offer. 
Dell 7500 15'Display1.44 floppy24X CD-ROMCeleron 450192MB Ram25GB Hard
DriveAti Rage Mobility graphics card w/ 4mb video ramNetgear 510e(I think
that's the model number)network cardCurrently has windows 2000 on it, but I
am not selling that at this time. It came with Win98 pre-installed and I
have all the software the machine came with. I will throw in Red Hat 6.2
with the package. I have had RH 6.2 installed on it. The install was very
smooth with no trouble at all. I did not have any video problems during the
install. This machine has been great. I recently bought it. I have not had
any problems at all. It was a I just need to free up some money. That is why
I am selling it.
Feel free to give me a call at (217) 744-6809 or email, if you would like to
come look at it.
Joe Bonansinga

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