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Re: Announce: XFS Release 1.0 for Linux (fwd)

Danny Sauer said:
> I'll tell you what, it's *really* nice to only wait a few extra seconds while
> a journal is played back after a power failure.  Sure beats waiting for 60GB
> of IDE to fsck. :)

Our web/ftp server has a 90GB filesystem and various smaller (25-30GB)
filesystems.  fsck on that thing is *painful*.

I've been running ext3 (ext2 with journalling, unfortunately only
available for 2.2.x kernels so far) now for almost a year, I think. 
Running with the "old" journal format, I had mild filesystem
corruption on a couple of occasions.  Running with the "new" journal
format for the last few months, I've had *no* problems.

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