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Special Speaker, Dave McAllister, May 22

Please mark your calendars (or plan for a road trip for you out of
towners) but we do have a special speaker arranged for our next LUCI
meeting on Tuesday, May 22 at 7:00pm.

About Dave:

Currently Director of Strategic Technologies for Egenera, Dave McAllister is
best known in open source circles for bringing Linux into SGI as a main
product line, McAllister has presented on several Linux tours and keynotes,
both in the U.S and internationally. A respected figure in the Open Source
world, Dave is active in Linux International, and the Linux Professional
Institute. He holds degrees in mathematics and chemistry from Old Dominion
University and has done graduate work in computer science.

About the presentation:

Clustering in the Enterprise: What works, What we need.

As Linux and Open source have taken the internet world, several attempts to
bridge high availability and clusters to the needs of commercial concerns
have arisen. These attempts run the gamut from Load Balancing to Failover,
and in fact may be the best way to build such systems. However, each
available solution has both strengths and weaknesses; depending on your
business needs, will influence your choice of a viable solution. This
discussion will cover the highlights of each approach, and look at the
idealized hardware concept.

Please make every attempt to make this meeting, so we can justify making
more arrangements with special event speakers. I've known Dave for a few
years now, and is a very interesting individual in the Linux community.
Definitely worth your time!

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