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Mandrake PowerPack Info new version 8

Hi luci-goers,

 Just came back from Springfield's Best Buy.  They have the new version
 of the above. They have it on sale at $59.99, AND Mandrake gives you a
 $20 rebate also... I think it lasts for another week.

 This version has the 2.4.3 kernel, Gnome 1.4, PLUS the new Evolution to
 play with, also KDE 2.x, GNUCash, IBM ViaVoice voice recognition (I
 used this all the time since it came out by IBM), and tons of other
 stuff.  It is a nice distro for the desktop, although supports
 everything else Linux.  So for a net cost of $39, you get a lot. It is
 RH compatible.   I have three distros on my main box, Mandrake, SuSE,
 and Progeny Debian ... can't make up my mind <g> ...

 Have not installed the new MK yet, but will keep you posted.

Best regards,
 Gary                          mailto:medman@mcleodusa.net

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attention to every word you say, talk in your sleep.

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