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Re: network cards and modems

Title: RE: network cards and modems

> I am running RH 7. I will be upgrading my machine soon
> and was wondering if anyone has ever had a problem
> running RH7 with an ISA Network card or modem?

Never tried it with any RH specifically, but

I've had two problems with ISA network cards.
1)  Selecting the appriopriate media type isn't automatic
on some of the cheaper cards, ie defaults to twisted pair
instead of thinnet.  But since most card you buy these days
don't even have both, that shouldn't be a problem.  In my
case I had to search the net for a utulity to select the port.

2)  I ran out of interupts.

> It kind
> of looks like ISA is starting to die out and I don't
> want to buy anything that Linux can't use.

The ne2000 and 3com cards work fine.  I wouldn't worry about
them dieing, if anything, its probably more likely that they
will be supported.  I'd worry more about having a machine with
isa slots.  If you go with PCI, the tulip and pciNE2000 cards
work well for me, at least the 10 mbit ones.

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