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Red Hat Startup Scripts

Thanks for your help.  The script is working perfectly if I launch it
manually, but not automatically at startup.  I am going to review the
help document you mentioned.  My script is called inetshare and resides
at /etc/inetshare.  I also created a link to this script called
s100inetshare and put it in the rc3.d directory.  After Linux is booted,
I can click on the symlink s100inetshare in the rc3.d directory
manually, and then the ipchains command executes and my system works
fine.  Does Linux automatically execute all the links in this directory
on startup, or is there another script somewhere that has to be modified
to tell Linux to execute my new script located in the rc3.d directory?  

I will keep experimenting and looking at documentation, but if anyone
has any suggestions that will help me to run my /etc/inetshare script at
startup automatically it would be a great help!  Maybe you already told
me something I am overlooking.  Thanks again very much!


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