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Re: network cards and modems

chances are that the os see's the nic if it saw it several versions ago, but
just to be sure, when you boot there should be lots of info before you ever
start services, you should look for the name of the manufacturer or if it's
a ne2000 clone look for ne2000, if it see's it but has a problem with it
(irq conflict or other fun stuff) it will say it here, if it does see the
nic and has no probs then it should show up in an ifconfig device listing,
try "ifconfig -a" (been using bsd to long) without quotes, if it showes up
there then you just need to add in the numbers, if it doesn't i'm really not
sure, could you give more info on the nic (brand, model, connector type,
just a few things to get started with.

Bob T. Kat
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