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Re: Athlon MB, dying hardware rant

I couldn't help my self, everyone i know has been getting this rant lately
<begin rant>when to much power (lightning, power surge, etc.) passes through
a computer, there is no way to tell how many components have been damaged,
the mainboard may be obviosly damaged, but the power could have severly
shortened the life of other components, i've seen dozens of people come in
with a damaged modem or sound card etc. after a storm and just want them to
be replaced, we replace them and a week later they are replacing something
else, then something else, you never can tell, we used to have a 20 or so
page write up that we gave insurance companies and they usually bought the
person a whole new computer, if you can do it, go for it, if not back up
anything important, because chances are your system will become more and
more flakey as you go, untill things beging dying, anyone who has taken a
digital circuits class realizes the extremely miniscule tolerances for the
electronic gates in cmos and ttl chips, oh and do not continue using the
power supply, once enough voltage/amperage has passed through the power
supply to do damage to the mainboard i highly doubt you are going to get
clean voltage from it. <end rant>
sorry that was so long, but for those that haven't fought for day's to get a
system stable that has been lightning struck (and you've just replaced the
obvious parts) this is new information and hopefully will save them the
amount of time i've wasted before replaceing the whole machine, or the data
i've seen people lose because the hard drive is going bad slowly or the
processor is mildly damaged (if there is such a thing) and is writing
currupt data to the drive, and danny is 100% correct about apc, they even
sell a surge protector that will stand up to just about anything

Bob T. Kat

On a long enough time line the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

--- narrator, Fight Club ---

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