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Re: Athlon MB

Steven Pritchard <steve@silug.org> said:
> Keep in mind that most Athlon motherboards have VIA chipsets, and
> there are currently some *nasty* bugs in the VIA chipsets.  These
> aren't just Linux problems either.
> As much as I hate it, I've stuck with Intel for a while now for this
> reason (and the lack of Athlon SMP, which is now no longer a problem).
> Steve
I know that I've read a lot about those problems especially from the kernel
traffic page, but I've never seemed to had an issue with my board.  I do get
the timing warnings from the 2.4 kernels, but as I said it never was noticable
to me.  

As for the APC UPS's, I actually have my system connected to one of those that
I had bought at Sam's last fall. I see the cable modem as the culprit, but I
can't prove it.
Benjamin Story

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