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FWD: [aplusdev] A+ version 4.18 release 6

For A+ users.  FYI.     Bob Ashworth

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From: Brian Redman <ber@ms.com>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 03:17:20 GMT

A+ 4.18 release 6 is available at http://aplusdev.org.  There are minor
code changes to permit building A+ on Compaq's Tru64 Unix with Compaq's
C/C++ compilers (cxx).  Additionally we are offering the A+ bootable
Linux CD.  This is particularly useful to Windows users who want to
play with A+.  The CD boots Linux/X/xterm/A+ on your PC into memory.
It doesn't touch your disk.  When you reboot without the CD inserted
you're back to your Windows system.  It also contains everything on the
A+ web site (perhaps handy for bandwidth challenged enthusiasts).
Finally, there's a contribution by Edgar M. E. Wermuth describing his
dealings with the German keyboard to produce APL characters.  That's
accessible from FAQ page.  Thank you Edgar.


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