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Re: ANNOUNCE: Theres a new Linux list...

On Sun, Nov 04, 2001 at 10:21:02AM -0600, Laszlo Acs wrote:
> I refuse to sign up to anything Yahoo, now or ever. Same goes for AIM,
> MSN, or any of the other denizens who bleed you for personal
> information to further their dark plans for the future where they'll
> make you feel you can't live without their service - where you no
> longer have a desire but a NEED. Somewhat akin to a drug-pusher...

FWIW, I have to say that I personally don't have any major issues with
Yahoo.  They've managed to remain text-friendly and generally
browser-neutral over the years.  Their site works well without
cookies, javascript, java, or any other crap turned on.  Generally the
stuff they've added to the site is just useful.  Honestly, the only
other site that I use as much as Yahoo is Google.

Contrast this to MSN, which is really just another world-domination
tool of M$ (not to mention a relic from the days when they didn't get
the Internet), and AOL, the mega-merging on-line service.  (Who needs
that Internet stuff.  Oh, wait, I mean we *are* the Internet.)  MSN
just tried to force people to use IE to use any of their sites.  AOL
still wants you to install the latest version of their crappy software
and dial in.

Of course, all that said, I still avoid using Yahoo for anything I
just can't live without, like email, for the same reasons I don't use
sites like SourceForge much.

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