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Re: ANNOUNCE: Theres a new Linux list...

Jordan Bettis on LUCI wrote:
> I'd be happy to host your mailing list.

Part of what we're attempting is to offer resources *beyond* just a mailing 
list. Also to provide resources that cut across each LUG's mailing list 
in order to foster a synergy between them, instead of several separate 
parochial mailing lists, which seems to be the status quo.

That's not to say I don't appreciate your offer. It's the rest of the stuff
that Yahoo offers that I didn't have to do diddly to "turn on". If the
functioning of the members is such that we want to put together dedicated
resources to replace the Yahoo features we like, then we may just as easily
pursue that path (and may take you up on your offer). But that will take
far, far more time and effort than it took me to do it on Yahoo.

I'm thinking there's an analogy from Yahoo!Groups to groups like our LUGs
as SourceForge is to Open Source projects. I'm not equating the two, just
noting that both provide instant access to some pretty sophisticated 
resources at no charge and with little administrative effort.

perl -le "$_='7284254074:0930970:H4012816';tr[0->][ BOPEN!SMUT];print"
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