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Re: Help: Reliable ISP needed in Decatur, IL Area!

Hanson Information Systems, Inc is an excellent ISP for Decatur, IL.  The company I work for uses a 128k isdn from Hanson and it has never gone down short of a hardware failure (lightning strike)  We pay approx $190 a month (flat rate) and have 5 static ip's (/29 subnet)

Tech support is pretty good and they don't treat knowledgeable people like beginners.

They also offer dsl.  they have a 1.5m down/256k up line for $150/mo which is also a /29 subnet

They use Sun & Cisco equipment to run their backbone.

for more info go to:  www.hansoninfosys.com 
for dsl info go to:  www.hanson-dsl.com

If you call, ask for Al Gietl. 

Hope this is helpful
Aaron Cronkright

At Mon, 26 Nov 2001 14:54:22 -0500 (EST) , Maxwell Spangler <maxwax@mindspring.com> wrote: 

>Hi Folks,
>I've got a company office in Decatur that's currently using Ameritech for ISDN
>based internet services.  We're not happy with them at all and we'd like to
>switch to someone else.
>I'm looking for an ISP that can either do ISDN using our exsiting equipment or
>provide DSL services with a significant cost upgrade.
>Reliability is key over any other factors, but price must be reasonable, and
>we'd like an ISP that has clueful tech support; Someone that understands how
>to take problem reports and resolve them, unlike, it seems, Ameritech.
>Sorry for the non-Linux posting, but I've found that contacting local Linux
>users is a fantastic way to get realistic information on companies such as
>ISPs.  I'm looking for people that have past experiences that have been
>positive, not just companies with nice marketing on their web pages.
>Maxwell Spangler
>Program Writer
>Greenbelt, Maryland, U.S.A.
>Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area
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