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pxe server for win2k

So, I've got some computers that should run win2k, and a bunch of wasted
disk space on those machines.  I wanna run 2K diskless on people's desktops
if possible (though I imagine this'll be a pain).  Has anyone ever used
the pxe/mtftp/tftp stuff to do anythign similar?  My NIC's just sitting
on the DHCP discover and not going any farther (possibly ignoring my
"next-server" option).  I'm using an intel Pro/100 managed card with their
PXE 2.0 firmware/chip/whatever, and hopefully a redhat 7.2 (7.3 if the
darned ISOs ever finish rsyncing from silug) machine to serve stuff after
a slack box (IHSC dhcpd 2.0) gives out the DHCP info.

Anyway, anyone with hints is welcome to help me out. :)


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