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Re: host records with internic

On Sat, May 11, 2002 at 12:01:01AM -0500 or thereabouts, Charles Menzes wrote:
> network solutions says that you can look up a host's nic records by 
> prepending the hostname with HOST. on their website, this proves 
> absolutely fruitless for me. is there a manner of doing this with the 
> command line whois?

from the command line use host -a some.domain.com

this will give you the ns records.  dig will also do this for you.

if you know the octets, use dig -x 123.456.77.88 or whatever, and it
will give you the hostname.  You then can use whois soandso from the
command line to find the ns names. 

If you want to find mail exchange addresses, use 
dig mx somw.domain.com

dig is very powerful. You even can have dig check incoming addresses for
valid mx records in procmail to help stop spam, try man dig 

You can always get this from the command line, no need to use their
website.  They are bad anyway...  If you really want to use a website
interface, use www.better-whois.com as they search all the domain types,
not just com, net, etc... 

Best regards,

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