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Re: bandwidth limiting on virtual hosts

On Fri, May 17, 2002 at 10:16:34AM -0500, Charles Menzes wrote:
> i just read through the article in this month's sysadmin about bandwidth 
> limiting using a couple of commercial products as well as iptables. does 
> anyone have a good resource for iptables example configs for bandwidth 
> control?

You can't do bandwidth shaping with iptables alone, you need the tc tools
to do that.  The packets are (can be) tagged with iptables, then the tc
stuff assigns them to queues for the bandwidth management.  It's a pain
to set up initially.  I've been told to look into cbq at
ftp://ftp.equinox.gu.net/pub/linux/cbq/ but I've not done that yet.  It
looks decent, though.

--Danny, who thinks that iptables should have some way to limit bandwidth anyway :)

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