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OT: DoubleClick Blocking


I decided the other day that I despise DoubleClick and their insidious practice of collecting your web activity and behavior. I blocked their domain on my firewall and all my clients now are complaining that they can't view web sites associated with CMP, Fawcette Publications, among a large group; even O'Reilly uses DoubleClick. Though Ziff-Davis has some DoubleClick junk, they aren't running a script causing a temporary redirect (that is what is being blocked) and my folks can get to ZD content. It's interesting how many web sites are not available all of a sudden by that one block! DoubleClick is big brother!

I complained to a couple of webmasters at a couple of big publishers and this is a reply I got just a minute ago: "I understand your position, and what you are trying to do.  At this time all I can add is that there is software out there that you can acquire to accomplish what you want.  I don't have the specifics, but I am sure you can find out." This was after a week of going back and forth with tech support on my firewall rules and trying to duplicate what I am getting. All I want is to have my subnet clients view web content without their browsers being redirected to Doubleclick.

Essentially, my position is that I don't feel DoubleClick (nor any of the advertising houses) has any right to be collecting demographic and  browsing behavior information without permission. I feel I have the right to choose not to have information collected. I don't care about the ads themselves, I care about what is collected. I know I can collect quite a bit of personal information from anyone who visits my websites without your knowledge, I don't even require that you have a Java Engine running nor cookies enabled. If I can do it, so can they. I have learned from carefully scrutinizing some advertising agencies and investigating their computers ;) that they are collecting a very large amount of data and this information is quite personal - like your name, your computer's name, your email address, your IP address, your ISP's IP and ALL their information concerning demographics and such. A lot of information I don't care to allow if I have any say so. I feel this is an invasion of my privacy and my clients' privacy.

ARGGHHH! I hate DoubleClick the worst.