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anybody want an SGI box?

Someone I know in St. Louis just told me he's picked up several old
SGI boxes.  Here's the description he sent me:

    SGI Silicon Graphics INDY

    SGI Indy system complete with a R5000 150MHz Processor Module, 256MB
    of RAM, 8-bit Graphics Frame Buffer for fast full color graphics
    with resolutions of up to 1280x1024 @ 76Hz, OnBoard
    10Base-T/ISDN/Audio/S-Video, Fast SCSI-9GB Drive. The advanced
    64-bit Indy architecture contains multiple high-speed buses which
    efficiently move information through the system, maximizing the
    benefit of its memory, CPU, and graphics and I/O subsystems, and
    running your applications faster. This unit is used and will be sold
    as-is. The unit powers up and has not been tested. An ideal desktop
    workstation, web server, web design, java or system to learn UNIX
    operation and programming and well as high end graphics programming
    and rendering.

Yes, it reads like an eBay post, and I'm sure that's where he got it.  :)

Anyway, if anyone is interested, let me know ASAP.  (The price will
probably depend on how many I get from him, so I'll discuss that
privately with anyone who emails me.)

This might be a fun project for the weekend.  ;-)  (Oh, and according


the Indy is the only SGI box with a working XFree86, in case you are
like me and are more interested in Linux than IRIX.)

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