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Re: UUCP (was Re: Distros (byte-ranging))

On Sun, 2002-11-10 at 12:56, Steven Pritchard wrote:
> They told me that they testing using PPP and doing everything over
> TCP, but apparently the extra negotiation combined with the overhead
> of doing everything over TCP made even the shortest call over a
> minute.

They were probably using old HDB UUCP.  GNU UUCP (the Taylor variety)
introduced a communication mode optimized for use over TCP, and it was

Unfortunately, last time I checked, not even HDB UUCP had made it into
the proprietary UNIXes.  Anyone who uses UUCP for anything serious
should upgrade to Taylor UUCP.

> So apparently UUCP is still fairly well suited for what it was
> designed for...

Very true.

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