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Re: Misc. Help

On Sun, 2002-11-17 at 12:37, Kris Kerwin wrote:
> 1.)  I have an HP Desktjet 820 Printer, and I'm using CUPS.  The CUPS
> Daemon is started, the printer is on, and all the neccessary connections
> are connected and configured, but still the printer won't print.  It's
> detected under CUPS - "Alpha_Printer."  I had problems with CUPS and my
> printer on a previous SuSE install - but the CUPS Daemon wouldn't even
> start that time - so I guess now I'm making progress.  :-)

How did you set up your printer?  Did you use some tool to set it up, or
the Web interface (http://localhost:631, in case you didn't know about
it), or some other way?

Also, do you know what driver set you used to configure the printer? 
The setup tool should have given you a description of the driver that
should have indicated where it came from.

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