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Re: finding IP address

On Wed, Nov 20, 2002 at 12:13:19PM -0600, Steven Pritchard wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 20, 2002 at 08:48:49AM -0600, Danny Sauer wrote:
> > --Danny, not looking forward to making X work on these machines
> If you are going to do all that, why not just use LTSP?

For the same reason that I took the engine, suspension, and interior
out of my wife's car and redid it myself: because I *can* do it, and
if I do it myself, I'll know exactly how and why everything's set up
the way it is. :)

The small distributions (LRP being my primary example) are just dandy
if they already do what you want them to do, but it's a big enough
pain in the butt to figure out all the weird little things they've done
that I may as well have the pain in the butt of setting up my own distrib.

Years ago I looked into LTSP, but the site (and associated documentation)
was pretty underdeveloped, and it generally didn't look polished enough
to spend time on.  Is that different now?  I'll check, but expereinces
would be appreciated, too...

--Danny, unconciously building in job security for himself ;)

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