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Re: Shell Golf

On Thu, May 08, 2003 at 11:10:13AM -0500, Danny Sauer wrote:
> You could prune about 5 chars off by using an END block and the -n 
> switch

Heh...  I came up with that after I'd gone to bed last night...

> and get another two by removing the quotes around the array (though
> the quotes give you prettier output).

You have to have the quotes to get the same output.

> You get 2 more chars by calling length with no args, since it
> defaults to $_.

Yeah, I figured that one out this morning as well.  :-)

> We're down to 64 if you put the command right next to the -e switch

I'll give you that one.

> and use "warn" instead of print. :)

That's not going to quite give the same output either.  :-)

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