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Re: RH8 - where is the package management?

On Tue, 2003-05-27 at 10:51, mike808@users.sourceforge.net wrote:
> Dis-include features to benefit shareholders. Fair enough. They're a company.
> But signing up for RHN still doesn't get me a better package management tool.
> That's too bad they're not interested in the "power GUI user" space.
> Particularly with better and better mass-market multimedia (digital camera 
> integration, photo editing, video capture/edit) apps coming out, and where
> Windows has an overwhelming ease-of-use advantage. Forcing those people
> to a CLI or to "know" about Red Carpet (which Red Hat doesn't mention as an 
> alternative to their own RHN service - I wonder why?).

I think the Red Hat idea is that you get what RH provides.  Thus, if you
want OpenOffice, you get whatever RH ships with the distro.  If you want
updates, subscribe to RHN.

Ximian is trying to be a bit more broad with Red Carpet, but obviously
there's the burden of getting it installed in the first place.

> Score for SuSE, Mdk, and the Debian-based distros that let the user decide 
> when they're ready for more advanced (or just different) packages.
> I was looking specifically for GUI RPM managers for RH users out-the-box.
> From your answer, I take it that there is none, and that if you want
> a GUI RPM manager, you have to find one and install it (not using the GUI,
> since you can't install arbitrary RPMs that way).

As far as I know, and I've been playing with Red Hat 9 recently.  If
it's there, they do a good job of hiding it.

> Unless the GUI file managers "know" to install RPMs when clicked on.
> I know SuSE does this in Konqueror - it displays the info, dependencies, and
> provides, and has a button to install it on the spot. Mandrake has rpmdrake.

IMHO, this is what's needed.  And not just "right-click to install", but
real software installation support integrated with the GUI.
Jeff Licquia <jeff@licquia.org>

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