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18" LCD deal

For those who liked my 18" Compaq LCD I brought to a SILUG meeting a while ago,
or the price I got it for ...

Here is a pretty nice deal at eCost for something similar ...
This is the Compaq (3 Year Warranty)  L1825 which is basically the same as 
my 18" except only one DB-15 and one DVI (you can only use one or the 
other, but at least it does both). Same specs for $515.20.


Remember, an 18" LCD is equivalent to a 20" monitor, since LCD panels are
measured in viewable area, not total overall tube size, which includes the
hidden-by-the-bezel-plus-border area.

Enjoy. BTW, I paid $550 delivered for mine, and what it has extra is
Picture-in-picture, two DB-15 and DVI inputs and a S-video input.



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