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Off Topic

I am looking for some feedback on small business security.  I am running
windows xp pro with norton 2002.  Occasionally I run one of several online
versions.  Trend micro or MacAfee.  Also use zone alarm and have a hardware
firewall (router).

I get hundreds of emails a week and virus's in bursts (Norton catches them
but usually has to put in quarantine, cant clean them automatically).  My
ISP does not have any virus protection.

I have questions about whether or not Zone Alarm is worth it (one MS Sys eng
told me its a waste when I have a hardware firewall running)?

Same tek told me Norton was poor protection.  I have also read about
performance issue with norton, and it is expensive.  Then again Computer
World magazine raves about it's quality.  How do the free anti virus's stack
up like AVG?

Just looking for some comments.  Sorry for the off topic questions, but was
looking for some outside viewpoints.


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