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Multi-distro home directories

Anyone shared home directories across distros on a multi-boot system?

How well did/does it work?

Do different desktop versions interfere with each other?

I'm thinking GNOME and KDE and different distros using different versions
of each - is there any impact to all the stuff in the .kde and .gnome directories?

Do the desktops have too much coupling with their underlying base distro?
i.e. references to icons and applications that are missing or are in different
locations from one distro to the next?

Does it make sense to create "users" for each of the distros and force
symbolic links for application data (like mailboxes and such) that cannot
be relocated out from under .kde, .gnome and friends. i.e. log into mike808-rh
when booting into RH, and mike808-g2, mike808-mdk, mike808-suse, 
mike808-xandros, etc. How are desktop applets like media players and such
affected? Were they? I'm guessing that since each one has different names for
some devices (/dev/cdrom, /dev/sg1, /dev/cdrecorder, /dev/dvd, /dev/sda, etc.)
this would get problematic.

I'm hoping there's a magic consolidation trick to make such a plan work.

Logistically, it's a PITA to share a common mailbox across the distros.
Same for various application preferences and settings - e.g. OpenOffice,
kmail filters, desktop shortcuts, SSH and PGP keys, etc.

I know there's no way around keeping each up to date - that will always
have to be done separately for each distro.

Maybe some folks using "roaming profiles" heavily could speak up?

Also, anyone know of any project or folks working on cross-distro cryptoFS
stuff? At last check, SuSE uses blowfish, MDK uses AES128, RH has XOR, and
none of them can mount each other's CFS. Go figure.



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