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Old computers (fwd)

My friend has a stash of working hardware that he has to get rid of before 
he moves.  He's in St Louis.  Any offer appreciated.


1. Pentium 233MMZ 64Meg, 2x1.2 Gig drives, Diamond Stelth 3D 2000 w/TV out
2. Umax S1200 SCSI scanner (11x14)
3. 14" PC monitor (Wyse)
4. PowerMac 6100 60MHz 350Meg HD 40Meg ram (with ethernet adapter x 2)
(external 1Gig scsi drive) 14.4 Fax modem
5. Apple 15" multimedia montior (builtin speakers)
6. PowerMac 4400 200Mhz 2Gig(?) HD 32Meg ram, ethernet card
7. Apple Stylewriter II printer
8. Apple ColorSytlewriter 4100
9. 56K external fax modem
10. Misc keyboards and mice and cables

As far as I know everything in the pile works.

Let me know if you can do anything with this

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