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Re: Shuttle SN41G2

On Sat, 14 Jun 2003, Benjamin Story wrote:

> I've finally decided that it's time to venture into the world of
> freevo.  I'm currently looking at the Shuttle SN41G2 system as the
> base for my setup, but I'm a bit concerned about the drivers necessary
> to make all of the bells and whistles work.  Especially I'm worried
> about the TV-out and Sound outputs working on the NVIDIA north
> bridge.  Has anyone in the group worked witht he Shuttles yet?

We've sold some, but didn't work on it for that.  They went to Chicago to 
run Debian...  

Cute little boxes :-)  I wonder if the Metis boxes would be any good for 
you...  Those are cute too and would more easily fit into an entertainment 

/me goes to prod Steven's brain about it.

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