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Re: Computer Banc

I would be interested in helping.  Please let me know what I can do. :)

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Subject: Computer Banc

Many of you have probably heard about the Computer Banc in
Springfield.  This organization refurbishes used computers to be given
to needy school children and non-profit agencies.  Today I had the
opportunity to talk to the director about the operation while donating
some PCs from my employer.  

She was explaining how they are always looking for additional MS 98/95
licenses because of their problems with staying legal with Microsoft.
I of course asked if they had considered Linux as a possible
solution.  She said they had, but had decided that it was too

I further asked her what their requirements were for the computers and
she said that they needed to run OpenOffice (she was surprised when I
said that that was originally a *nix product), and some educational
software like Math, Reading and Typing programs.  I thought that it
might be a worthwile community service project for LUCI to compile a
"distro" for Computer Banc that could meet those needs and thus
eliminate their Microsoft licensing headaches.  I'll assume that
they'd also need a fairly simple wizard for setting up internet
connections either by dial-up or DSL/Cable.  

Even if we don't do that, please think about donating some of your
time to help in the rebuilding process.  More information can be found
at www.computerbanc.org

Thanks for listening,

Benjamin Story
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