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SCOX - Shorty's comin' to town

Recent SCOX Insider & restricted shareholder transactions:

2003-06-11 OLSON, MICHAEL P (VP)  6K Auto-Sell @ ~$8.60 net $52K

2003-06-09 BENCH, ROBERT K  (CFO) 7K Planned Sale net $60K

2003-06-09 BENCH, ROBERT K  (CFO) 7K Auto-Sell @ ~$9.20 net $65K

2003-06-06 HUNSAKER, JEFF F. (VP) 5K Auto-Sell @ $8.90 net $44.5K

2003-06-05 BAWA, OPINDER         15K Planned Sale net $90K

2003-06-05 BAWA, OPINDER         ~8K Planned Sale net $52K

Anybody else wanna call Shorty?
Still think the executives aren't cashing out before everyone else does?
Interested in a timeshare in Florida?



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