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Re: Quotas on user inboxes

> Marcelo Medici wrote:
> > One thing that I do like about the procmail approach is that a
> > response e-mail can be sent to the original message author warning
> > them that the user's mailbox is over its quota and delivery has
> > failed. I'm not certain if the usrquota solution would provide the
> > same result. Are you aware if this is in fact the case?
> I'm reasonably sure it is...  The MTA should return an appropriate
> error to the sender.

It does. In fact, it is how we identified several employees with Unix accounts 
that were forwarding *all* internal company email straight out to their hotmail 
accounts without any: a) encryption, b) review/approval.

Fortunately, they were not subscribed to sensitive management discussion lists,
rumor lists. However, they were dealing with very sensitive trade secret
and R&D documents. All being automatically forwarded along to their publicly 
available hotmail accounts - i.e. potentially competitors.

Needless to say, my initiative in pointing this out to management was rewarded 
with an "out date", as it reflected poorly, in a very dramatic way, on the 
abilities (or rather, lack thereof) of the all-employee Information Security 
and Systems Administration groups. Management had this notion that 
contractors were not trustworthy. I wonder why they would think that?
Well, truthfully, I only wondered about it during the 2 milliseconds that 
I was busy multitasking with emailing my acceptance of my next assignment 
three hours later. From my cubicle desktop. :=)



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