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Mozilla 1.3RC3 out

The formal announcements and stuff are in all the usual places.
Like http://www.mozilla.org/

But here's excerpts and my comments on the good stuff from the release notes:

> What's New in Mozilla 1.4 RC 3
> Mozilla on Windows now has support for NTLM authentication. This enables 
> Mozilla to talk to MS web and proxy servers that are configured to 
> use "windows integrated security". 

This is *HUGE*. Finally. We can now use Mozilla against IIS-based apps.
Thank you Moz team.

> Mozilla's bookmarks have been overhauled. Bookmarks now include a root level 
> folder, the ability to have two differently named bookmarks pointing at the 
> same location, site icons in the Bookmark Manager and Bookmarks Sidebar, and 
> separators now have support for labels. 

Leland? Did your wish for distributed bookmarks finally come true with these 

> Mail now has junk-mail context menu items, a "delete junk mail" menu item 
> and many other usability improvements for junk-mail controls. 

Microsoft, as usual, has opted for the strategy of "if you want junk
mail control, you have to sign up (pay) for MSN". Glad to see they're so
focused on giving the consumers everything they want - except choice.

> Pop-up blocking has been streamlined to improve usability. 

These sorts of features can only get better.

> Users can now specify "blank page," "home page," or "Last page visited" 
> for each of first window, new window and new tab. 

This is nice. MSIE only has "Last page visited", which I'm sure makes
transactional web-based applications and cache interaction very, very 
complicated and also very, very likely Microsoft got it wrong somewhere. 
No way to know for sure without the source.

> Image blocking/disabling is now more flexible and users can "view image" to 
see blocked or not loaded images. 

A nicety. My preference is for images to be blocked by privoxy, so this
doesn't help me, but does all the folks with only a browser between them
and the ad-infested trickware of the internet.

> Mozilla 1.4 contains thousands of additional bugfixes, including changes to 
> improve performance, stability, web site compatability, standards support, 
> and usability. 

And you can check the source code to prove that claim. Unlike some other
fictions of "improvements" contained in "Service Packs" from other browser
vendors. :=)



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