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Real-world Wireless [was: OT: Deal/Toy]

> We accidentally ordered an off-brand [sic] PCMCIA Wireless card last 
> week, and Steve Reindl figured out that they work with Linux using a 
> driver they provide on their website beautifully.
> They're a good deal at $30.  If anyone's interested, Steve's ordering a 
> 2nd, so I'll be happy to get more in.

Kara, remember that I have 2 of Steve's 200mW Prism2 Senao cards too.
They are the SL-2511CD PLUS EXT2 and claim a 400m range at 1Mbps with 23dBm
RF output power. And an antenna and pigtails too, I think. They use the wlan_ng 
drivers fine. Senao also goes by EnGenius.

And these outdoor products look interesting...

As well as this real-world testing (of the 100mW Senao card among others):

> Atheros’ second-generation 802.11a chipset and dual-band 802.11a/b chipset 
> have been integrated to SENAO’s new SL-5054 series of wireless local area 
> networking (WLAN) products like the Senao 5054 or Engenius EL-5054 SR PLUS. 
> The specs are better with a power output of 100mW (20dBm) in the 
> 5.25GHz~5.35GHz band and 64mW (18dBm) in the 5.7-5.8 GHz band. With a +15dB 
> sector, an client panel with +18 dB and a S/N of +84dB at 12 Mbps (about 
> 6Mbps effective throughput), it would theoretically get a one mile range 
> with a +20dB fade margin. You could feed four different sectors with 6Mbps 
> (effectively) on each sector, for delivering 24Mbps to end users. That 
> should handle 100-200 subscribers. 

Mine works fine under Linux in a Buffalo PCI/PCMCIA-bridge adapter card.
Can you e-me offlist (or onlist) pricing for some more bridge cards?



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