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Re: wireless products

Avoid YDI products.  They don't work well, and their tech people are, 
from what I can tell, idiots.  Their Linux driver wouldn't work for me 
(or anyone), so I contacted them.  If you've seen anything in a comedy 
movie, or something like "Hackers" / "The Net", you've seen teh 
responses I received.  There were several parts of their "how to try 
fixing it" directions that were actually just a bunch of non-related 
technical terms strung together into one sentence.  Things like 
"defragment the DMZ collector crystal to avoid segfault harmonic RIMMs". 
  On top of that, they started spamming me at the address through which 
I contacted tech suport.  I asked them *twice* to remove me from their 
mailing list, and was told twice that they had - but kept getting spam 
from them.  Now, ydi.com is blocked from all mail servers that I have 
control over.

Anyway, I've had good luck with CCA Online's [802.11] wireless service 
in Lincoln.  I'm using a Lucent wavelan-based card (ORL or ODI or 
something like that), an old Slackware install and an omnidirectional 
antenna with very good results.  I'm just a client, though, so the big 
equipment setup isn't something I was involved with.  They've [cca] been 
pretty helpful, though, and might be willing to offer some advice if you 
contact them.  They're Linux-based, which is usually a good sign. :)


Joe Tosetti wrote:
> Iím helping a small rural fire department set up remote access to their 
> office.  They would like to use wireless due to poor phone lines and 
> lack of cable/dsl service in the area.  The 2 locations which would need 
> access are 3 miles from the main location.  Does anyone have any 
> recommendations on products.

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