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And the shakedown begins...




DirecTV's business model:
1. Find suitable believable offense clause in the DMCA, PATRIOT, and/or 
   so-called "Intellectual Property" laws. This should be trivial, since 
   they were written specifically to make it easier to criminalize and 
   prosecute these things so that you get the taxpayers to fund the 
   prosecution of what would otherwise be a civil claim of dubious merit.
2. Send letter to lots of people threatening a Federal complaint against them.
3. It costs roughly $5K to even *think* about fighting a federal complaint.
4. Extort^WAsk victi^Wmark^Wrevenu^Wpotential plaintiff for an amount less 
   than that to make the *potential* Federal criminal charge "go away".
   $3,500 is probably the right amount.
5. ???
6. PROFIT!!!



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