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Still working on the WRT54G.  Something is happening that I dont really
understand right now.  I can bridge to another Access Point with no
problem and ping addresses on the LAN side of the remote Access Point,
but when I change the SSID, and put in the DTN IP numbers, I cannot
access the internet.  I was under the impression that DTNs tower acted
as a standard Access Point, and if I can bridge to a local access point,
I should be able to bridge to DTN.  

If anyone has ideas on this they are greately appreciated.  I might try
the firmware Steve suggested with OpenWRT.  I'm practially sitting right
under DTN's tower, so I know signal strength is not an issue.

This WRT54G has the same connector on it as the Aironet, so I can stil
use DTN's coax and antenna.  

The WRT54G has 5 items in the ifconfig (eth0, eth1, br0, vlan0, and
vlan1)  eth1 takes on the ip address assigned to the wireless side, and
br0 takes on the ip address assigned to the LAN side.

My lack of knowledge is hurting me with this.  I dont know what the br0
and vlans are doing.  I am thinking eth0 might be the WAN side.

I know that in Fedora I normally have 2 adapters...  One is the LAN, and
the other the Wireless...  I just use IPTables and enable forwarding.  I
would think this would be similar.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on the progress.  I have a lot of research
to do and a lot to learn along the way!  All suggestions are greatly
appreciated of course!


On Thu, 2004-08-05 at 10:07, Todd Davis wrote:
> I too would be interested in your results.  I'm looking at buying a house in
> the country and DTN will be my only broadband option.
> >> I'm also trying to get the WRT54G to work
> >> with DTN.  I can get this wireless router to bridge to 
> >> another AP using
> >> the SVEASOFT firmware, but can't get it to bridge to DTNs 
> >> tower.  I can
> >> Telnet into the box, and it looks like I might be able to get 
> >> it to work
> >> using IPTables (as long as the AP will connect to the tower in client
> >> mode).  That should make the WRT54G act somewhat like the CEP (with a
> >> dhcp server on the lan side).  Actually I dont have a clue what I am
> >> doing, but that's what makes it fun!  (And frustrating at times)
> > 
> > If you do get it to work, I'd like to know how.  I use DTN, and I'd
> > like to be able to get rid of my 486 that I have running as a firewall.
> > 
> > Mark
> > 
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