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Re: RH8 apt-get weirdness

I wrote:
> > I was updating my KSPEI UML host and saw a strange message at the end.
> [...]
> > error opening /boot/grub/grub.conf for read: No such file or directory
> > 
> > OK, does anyone else get a weird feeling when installing PERL modules
> > from an APT repository are asking to mess with /boot/grub/grub.conf?
Steven wrote ..
> That's /usr/lib/apt/scripts/upgradevirt.lua running.  The problem is
> that you don't have a normal kernel setup on that "system".  The
> following should get rid of that message:
>   perl -pi -e 's/(Upgrade-Virtual )"true"/$1"false"/' \
>     /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/default.conf
> The fedora.us apt package includes a lot of magic that works
> wonderfully on the vast majority of systems, but it's not all 100%
> perfect.

Yeah. Like the error messages could be better. Who would have guessed from the error message that I would need to know about something called "upgradevirt.lua", whatever that is, and turning off the "upgrade-virtual" option in my default apt configuration.

Turns out it's a RH thing with cobbling RPM on the back-end of APT. Never had these problems on a real Debian system.

* http://laiskiainen.org/apt/lua/upgrade-virtual/

I should stop here before I go into the chickweed configuration pattern things are going to as well. First it was the rc*.d and init.d, then xinet.d, followed by bash_completion.d, cron.d, dev.d, discover.d, hotplug.d, logrotate.d, modprobe.d, pam.d, sane.d. And now apt. And apm, ppp, alsa, udev, devfs/conf.d, network, and on and on...

Gosh, Beav, when did things get so complimacated? :=)

Can't we just go back to the days of simple dialogs like:

Your system is beyond cluster-forked right now.
Press the "OK" button to reboot.

I'd feel so much better. Clueless, but I'd feel better.



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