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Molex question

I'm trying to find someone in Springfield who can make a molex
connector, and I'm getting kind of desperate. I just got a PCI express
mobo and vid card. When I try to boot, it won't even post, it just
tells me that I haven't plugged the vid card into the mobo power. 

I've pretty much eliminated the power supply as the problem, so I'm
left with a bad mobo, a bad video card, or -- most likely from what
I've read -- a bad cable. The pin-out should be, I think, like what is
displayed here:


The cable plugs into a normal 4 pin 12 volt plug and has 6 pins for
the PCIE connection. Well 5 really, one is empty. My cable has only 2
connections, a 12 volt and a ground. I'm hoping like hell this is the
problem, but I can't find anyone who can wire it up properly. Any

Thanks for any help.

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