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Re: Apt Repository

On Mon, Feb 14, 2005 at 02:42:37PM -0600, Carlos Pintura wrote:
> I just noticed your post on the thread archives stating that you were
> updating the apt repository to include fedora-extras. Looking through
> the luci and silug sites, I don't see information on updating
> sources.list for users wanting to use the lug's repository.

I really should fix that...

> Could you provide current syntax for the config file?

Sure.  Here's what I recommend at the moment:

---- snip ----

cat > /etc/apt/sources.list <<END
# os       Fedora Core
# updates  Fedora Core updates
# extras   Fedora Extras
# kspei    Steve's random packages, usually destined for Fedora Extras
rpm http://apt.luci.org fedora/3/i386 os updates extras
rpm-src http://apt.luci.org fedora/3/i386 os updates extras

# If you are using rpm.livna.org at all,
# you probably want all of these:
# stable   Livna.org stable
# testing  Livna.org testing
# unstable Livna.org unstable
rpm http://rpm.livna.org fedora/3/i386 stable testing unstable
rpm-src http://rpm.livna.org fedora/3/i386 stable testing unstable

# Macromedia (flash-plugin)
rpm http://sluglug.ucsc.edu/macromedia/apt fedora/3 macromedia

cat > /etc/apt/preferences <<END
Package: *
Pin: release c=os
Pin-Priority: 994

Package: *
Pin: release c=extras
Pin-Priority: 993

Package: *
Pin: release c=stable
Pin-Priority: 992

Package: *
Pin: release c=kspei
Pin-Priority: 991
---- snip ----

That stuff in /etc/apt/preferences makes it reasonably safe to enable
other apt repositories (like freshrpms).

Oh, and make sure you are using apt from Fedora Extras and nowhere

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