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TuxMagazine hits the web

Tux magazine - a newbie oriented product - is now available as a large PDF at:


The main website is http://www.tuxmagazine.com/

It is produced by the same people that write Linux Journal, but is designed to show newbies to Linux how to get their feet wet.

This first issue shows how to actually USE some common KDE based apps, like KPilot, and the KDE photo album applet, sound ripper, and what looks like a series on the GIMP. Easy to read tutorial type stuff. Just what the targeted clientele of Xandros will benefit from.

Have a look at it. If you can't get it to load in Acrobat reader 5.0 (it is a version 6 PDF) then use KGhostview. I loaded and printed it from there, and it worked.


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